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Categories of Water damage


Category 1 - This type of water damage is damaged caused by fresh water.  Many times, if a quick response occurs, the water can be extracted thoroughly and most of the building materials can be dried in place without removal.


Category 2 - This type of water damage is damaged caused by gray water.  Gray water is most commonly water that has detergents and soaps.  This water is dirtier and further steps may be necessary to dry the property.


Category 3 - This type of water damage is damage most commonly caused by sewage water.  This is the most severe and dangerous type of water damage because if untreated correctly, it can effect your health.


Of coarse if water damage is not treated quickly and correctly MOLD can grow and thereby cause more damage and cause more work and precautionary measures to restore the property and make sure the building is healthy and clean.  Synergy can take care of extreme mold growth issues as well and water damage issues.