Rebuilding your home or business after a devastating fire can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for many people.  Hiring an EXPERIENCED contractor that is well versed in the restoration industry is a major contributing factor to a positive restoration and rebuilding experience.  Synergy has the experience and the level of communication to bring everyone involved together and get everything and everyone moving in the same direction for a smooth and seamless rebuilding experience.  Our experienced personnel have rebuilt dozens and dozens of properties that have been damaged by fire.


Fire is very damaging. But what most people don't realize is the secondary damage that is caused by the heat and the smoke from the fire.  Even though a fire may have been contained to just the kitchen area, the heat and the smoke will cause extensive damage throughout the structure.  The smoke particulates are small and the smoke infiltrates everything.  It travels anywhere there is the slightest opening and caused smoke damage and odor damage.  Synergy takes every necessary step to eliminate any trace of fire, heat, and smoke damage and restores your home or business to a beautifully restored property.  Synergy Restoration will work with you to select all of your new materials to be used in rebuilding your property.  Your paint colors, cabinet wood species and finishes, countertops materials and color, flooring type and color, and electrical and plumbing fixtures style and finishes.  Synergy Restoration can walk with you hand and hand through this process and can help turn this unfortunate event into a very interesting learning experience that will help you as a home or business owner have a completely different perspective and understanding of your property from the inside out.  Let's work together!

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